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Wednesday October 19, 2005

Well we finally got some rain and rain we did get. With the heavy rain they had up north and in jersey the upper Delaware river is still very high. On Monday most of the islands at Yardley were under water and it you are know the power plant up at Portland the wall was underwater also. Now I did talk to a few guys that we up the last couple of days saying the river is still very high but is has cleared up. Yesterday there was one fisherman that put his boat in at Byran and did fair along the wall on smallmouth bass and even had a couple of walleyes. He was using minnows fishing right along the shore line with just a hook and a minnow. The fish were right tight against the shore line. He had
14 smallmouth bass up to 14 inches and 2 walleyes up to 17 inches. He tried fishing grubs but did not pick up anything on them. If we don't get any more rain the river should be back by the weekend.
Now the lower river also changed after the rain. Here the river got very
muddy and full of trash. The few guys that were out in boats said you had to be real careful running around. Now it has been several days since the last rain and the river is clearing up and most of the junk in the river has either passed or found it's way to the bank. A few guys that have been fishing Station Avenue have been picking up a few catfish and eels. Same is holding true for the few guys that are fishing off the docks down at Linden Avenue. Here they have been using allot of chicken livers and shrimp catching catfish up to four pounds. Now some of the guys that have been out in boats have been doing the same on catfish but are also catching a bunch of small white perch and even some
small stripers. When I say small most have been 8 to 12 inches. Not something you want to run right out and catch. These fish have been hitting chicken livers, herring, shrimp, nightcrawlers and bloodworms. Now we are done with bloodworms ourselves for the season. We took a real beating on the last batch and decided with the price we would call it quits before losing our shirts again. The largemouth bass fishing dropped off with the muddy water but has picked back up the past couple of days. Most of the fish I have been hearing about have been caught in Dredge Harbor. These guys have been using allot of crankbaits, rattle traps, plastic worms and lizards. There are still allot of small bass being caught but some bigger fish are starting to move in from the main river. I would think the same should be true for Tullytown Cove, Warner's Cove, Neshaminy Marina and Salem Harbor.
The south Jersey lakes have really picked up the past couple of week. Now Jersey received most of the rain last week and all the lakes came up and washed out allot of the cover from the summer time. A good thing for pickerel and bass fisherman. Union Lake has been very good for pickerel, largemouth bass, crappies, perch, bluegills and even some hybrid stripers. Here they have been using mostly minnows, worms, spinner baits and plastic worms. The Mullica River has picked up for pickerel, bass and crappies. Most of the guys I know that are
fishing here are going out of Crowley Landing and fishing the coves and up river around the fallen structure. Here they are using minnows, spinners and twister tails. The best color for lures on this river is yellow and chartreuse. Batso Lake the feeds into the Mullica has been real good for some bigger pickerel and largemouth bass. A few guys have been fishing here have caught pickerel up to 4 pounds and allot of 2 to 3 pound largemouth bass. They have been using allot of plastic worms, spinner baits and minnows. Lake Lenape at May's Landing has been also very good for pickerel, perch and largemouth bass. Here again they have picked up some really big pickerel on twister tails, spinner baits,
spinners and live minnows. Some of these fish have been up to and over 4 pounds. The bass have been in the 1 to 3 pounds range and have been hitting the same thing. Now the Little Egg Harbor river that comes out of the lake has been good for just pickerel. A few guys have been going up to Round Valley doing very good on some big trout. Here they have been doing allot of trolling for these trout in deeper water. Some of the brown trout I have heard from here have been 3 to 5 pounds. Now there are allot of smaller fish being caught also.
Spruce Run has been another really good spot for some big smallmouth bass, pickerel and largemouth bass. Here they are using allot of Senko worms, rattle traps and spinner baits. I saw a picture of a 21 inch 5.4 pound smallmouth taken last week. He also picked up another 17 mixed bass, both largemouth and smallmouth from 1 to 4 pounds.
Now our lakes around here are also been very good. Rohm Haas for largemouth bass has still been very good with rattle traps and plastic worms. The few guys that have been fishing are using allot of Culprit 7 inch in black shad and red shad. In rattle traps they have been using mostly chrome and black. Now they are also getting some crappies out in the lake on small minnows. They few guys that fish for crappies are using long rods with heavy slip floats that they can cast 50 yards or better. Most of the crappies hang out in the middle of the lake around the structure. Core Creek for crappies and perch has been good around the dam and off the docks but most of these fish have been on the smaller side. They have been hitting small minnows, meal worms, wax worms and small jigs and twister tails. They have also caught a few big catfish and largemouth bass but only a few. Now this lake was stocked with trout a week or so ago.
They few guys that have been doing anything on trout here have been using allot of power bait and wax worms. Most of the fish that are being caught are on the smaller side. Now Levittown Lake has been a different story. Here they have been doing very well on bigger trout. Minnows, meal worms, wax worms, power baits, kastmasters and spinners have been the best here to use. And from what I hear most of the trout have been all over 12 inches. They are also doing very
well on crappies, bluegills and largemouth bass. For these fish the minnows and worms for live bait and small plastic worms in artificial. Noxamixion has been another really good lake if you are a boat fisherman. Now the bank guys
fishing the docks and off the dam do fair but you are so limited on how much of the lake you can fish. But the boat guys can cover most of the whole lake. And on this lake the bigger smallmouth bass are starting to show up in the deeper water off the dam and ledges. Some of the smallmouth that are being caught
have been 3 to 5 pounds. Minnows fished slow on the bottom is the best to use but
they do pick up some fish on spinner baits and jigs fished slow on the
bottom. Now the largemouth bass have been hitting close to the shore line on spinner baits and plastic worms. The panfish are still hitting the best around the docks and structure along the shore line with small minnows, twister tails, small tubes and jigs. They have even caught some stripers here on surface lures
and live alewives. Lake Warren weeds are starting to die off real good and the largemouth and pickerel are picking up. You still can't run anything with trebles with some low weeds still around the lake. But spinner baits and plastic worms are working well. Magnolia Lake is another pretty good lake for smaller largemouth bass. Here the few guys that I know doing well are using shallow crankbaits in fire tiger and bass pattern. But here most of the bass are under a pound. The shopping center lake should also still be very good but I have not heard of anyone fishing here in the past week. Same with Roosevelt Lake down by
the airport. This is another good lake for bass, crappies, perch and
bluegills but no one I know has been down the past week.
Well if you are a trout fisherman the Pennypack and Wissahickon were both stocked a week ago. I don't know how many fish the Wissahickon got but the Pennypack received 3600 fish. And what I heard most of these fish are pretty good size brown trout. Most guys have been using minnows, meal worms, wax worms, corn, earthworms, power baits and spinners. Again from what I heard most of these fish have been 12 to 15 inches. In this stream they are also catching some small smallies, rock bass and bluegills. These have been hitting the bait the best.
The shore has been the next best thing when the wind is not blowing a gale. And that has been a hard day to find. But the beach and jettie fisherman are doing pretty well up north for bluefish and small stripers. Right now most of the stripers that are being caught are under size from 12 to 18 inches. The stripers have been hitting shad bodies, surface lures, small metal and small snagged bunker. The blues have been hitting pretty much anything you want to feed them but bigger metal and mullet have been the best. As you come down the coast
the kingfishing has dropped off quite a bit the past week or so. Now there are still some fish around and the fish they are catching have been on the bigger side. Bloodworms and fish bites have been the best to use here. Now where they were catching the kingfish the bluefish are starting to take over. Now most of these blues have been from 3 to 6 pounds and have been hitting cut bait like mackerel and mullet the best. Now there are still some croakers still around but they all seem to be up in the Delaware Bay and south down through Delaware and into the Chesapeake Bay. The croakers have been hitting bloodworms, fish bites and squid the best. The Delaware Bay for stripers has not started yet
and with the warm water still around it is going to be a few weeks before it does. Now I'm not saying they are not catching now fish but the bigger fish and the amounts of fish are still not there. Now if you are looking for bigger stripers up north out of the Raitian Bay they are picking up some fish up to 30 pounds on live bunker, shad bodies and trolling bunker spoons and umbrella rigs. All the guys heading south to the Chesapeake for spots and croakers have dropped off quite a bit. Now I'm not saying the fish are not there but the guys are not going down much anymore. Another thing I have not heard a word on has
been the tuna fishing. Now that is all due to the heavy winds and big seas. I hope this weekend will calm down a bit so a few boats will be able to get out again.
Well that is all I have this week. Bruce was up hunting this past week so no fishing reports from him. And I leave tomorrow for a couple of days of hunting and I hope to at least hit the farm ponds up state for a bit of fishing between trips out in the woods. So good luck and lets hope this new hurricane will go out to sea. We really don't need it up here and I know they really don't need it down south.


Bill, wanted to let you know we hit dredge harbor on tuesday and had a real good day fishing for largemouth bass. We were using lizards on a carolina rig and picked up at least 25 fish from 6 to 16 inches. Most of the fish came off the barges and were htting on the drop of the bait. We also picked up a couple of crappies on the same rig. These were some big crappies 15 inches. We headed out to try the main river but there was still some logs coming down and the water was still stained. So we went up river to salem harbor to only catch one
bass on a crankbait. Should have stayed inthe harbor. Jimmy
hey bill this is ktis an chuck we did very well not last weekend but the 2nd to last weekend in sept did awesum in upper black eddie an waded from that bridge to the next bridege down bridge fished off the pillars of the bridge caught between me an him over 50 smallies a few with grubs an minnows an mostly minnows an caught 4 around 3ishlbs nice fish from 10" to 15" for most;ly all of them better when sun went down
Hit manasuan inlet last weekend and had a great day on small stripers and medium bluefish. We started out with rubber storm shad and did very well intill the bluefish showed up and ate most of our lures. Then a bunch of baitfish showed up and we were throwing weighted trebels and snagging small bunker. Just letting them drop through the school of bait you would pick up a striper in the 5 pound range. When these bait fish moved on we went to trowing metal to catch at least 20 more blues from 2 to 3 pounds. It was allot of fun and hope the fish are going to get bigger with the season changing. M K
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