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Default Brinkmans weekly report

Friday June 24, 2005 Brinkmans

Well we were going to head up river this week and do some smallmouth bass fishing but after hearing the results of the DRF tournament we decided to go out here and see if there were any stripers left. Really we went out for catfish. We took herring, nightcrawlers and some shad I had in the freezer. Well the bait of the day was shad strips. We caught 16 catfish, 1 perch, 1 striper and 7 eels. 80 percent were picked up on the strip shad. The rest were mixed on herring and the crawlers. All the eels were giants at least a pound each. The striper was about 15 inches and ended up belly up on us. That is why I'm glad I did not catch any more. The cats were from 12 inches to 8 pounds. We did have two really big fish one about 8 and the other around 6. One thing the kids down the ponds will have allot of fun since we brought them all in and put in the hatcheries. And if things don't pick up next week I know where I will be heading.

To finish about the upper river. The tournament was held out of Byran on Saturday. Don't hold me to these results exactly but there were around 28 boats with only 14 keeper size fish weighed in. I think the winner was a 1 1/2 pound fish. I had several other guys that were up last week end all with the same results. One guy was wading the Yardley area picking up 2 smallies and 8 stripers all on minnows. He was fishing the fast water up by the wing dam. He did see a couple of other smallies picked up but nothing over 14 inches. Same with the stripers all being under 14 inches. Another customer rented a canoe with his son on Sunday and drifted from Frenchtown back down to Point Pleasant. He had minnows, leeches and twister tails. The most fun they had was swimming. All day long they only picked up 10 smallmouth bass, 4 stripers and 2 catfish. Again the smallmouth and stripers were all on the smaller side but they did have some fun with the two 4 pound catfish. Most of the fish were caught on minnows. A couple of guys were up to the Water Gap for the weekend all fishing the deeper pools picking up some bass, walleyes and catfish. Nothing to really talk about but all having fun. One guy said he had about 25 fish for the weekend in his boat all being smaller fish. Up at Narrowsburg the shad are still all over the river and still are not hitting. A customer was up last weekend picking up some smallmouth bass and trout on the fly rod but never was able to hook a shad.

The better smallmouth bass fishing is still coming for the streams. The Perkiomen seems to be one of the best to head to. Several guys have been fishing in the Skippack area catching plenty of smallies, rockbass and big bluegills. They are using minnows, leeches, crayfish, shiners, grubs, tubes, spinners and small crankbaits. Again most of the fish are on the smaller side but they do pick up a 14 to 16 inch bass from time to time. Collegeville is another pretty good place to head on this creek. A few guys have been going there every week with minnows picking up 15 to 25 fish each time per guy. Again most of the fish are 10 to 12 inches but they do pick up a fish each week 2 to 3 pounds. That is what keeps bringing them back. There is also another guy fishing the creek by the prison doing better than most guys I talk to. He has been getting up to 30 fish a trip with several fish in the 13 to 16 inch range with a couple fish close to 18 inches. He said in this section of the creek there are some good deep holes that these bigger fish are holding. And the bigger the minnow the bigger the bass. The upper Schuylkill is another spot that has been hit or miss. A few guys have been fishing around the Flat Rock Dam doing very well but not on smallmouth bass. They have been catching allot of catfish, perch, carp and panfish. They are getting a few bass but not like they should be. One guy was up in the Gladwyn area of the river picking up 12 smallmouth bass, 2 rock bass and a bunch of bluegills. He was fishing last Saturday using minnows and nightcrawlers. Now a few guys have been fishing the Tohickon just above the Delaware doing very well on numbers and some decent fish also. They have been fishing minnows, grubs and surface lures picking up plenty of fish. They also have had some fish up to 16 inches. Again here the bigger fish have been holding in the deeper pools. The Neshaminy is another good place to head but here most of the bass I have been hearing about are all on the small side. One guy was up to Tyler State Park picking up 30 mixed fish all under 10 inches. He said the action was good all day but the quality was a bit weak.

And if you are still like to fish for trout the upper Pennypack has still been pretty good. The guys doing the best are fishing fly rods but some of the guys are still using bait and picking up their limits of fish. Krewstown Road and Pine Road have been two of the better spots to head. They guys using bait have been fishing with earthworms, wax worms and small minnows. Guys that have been fly fishing have been still using allot of bead head flies, cone head wooly buggers, woolly buggers and dry flies. The better dry have been white miller, light cahills, olive caddis, cream caddis and Adams. In the wooly buggers and cone head the olive, browns and blacks have been working the best. This week I did not talk to anyone fishing either the Neshaminy or Wissahickon but can't see why they would not still be good.

Churchville this week has seemed to pretty much shut down. Even the smaller fish under the bridge were not hitting this past week. And the few guys that fish the roadway for largemouth bass did very little. The same with Core Creek. The trout on this lake have pretty much shut down. Even the small perch, crappies and catfish have been hard to come by. Levittown Lake they are still picking up a few trout but only a few. But here the bluegills and largemouth bass have been hitting pretty good. Minnows, nightcrawlers, mealworms and waxworms have been the best baits to use. The shopping center lake at 413 and 13 has still been pretty good for bluegills, largemouth bass, catfish, crappies and bluegills. This is a very small lake but holds allot of fish. Minnows, nightcrawlers, spinners and grubs work the best. A few guys have been fishing Magnolia Lake picking up allot of smaller largemouth bass. They are using allot of plastic worms, spinner baits and small crankbaits. A good day on this lake can be 8 to 12 bass per man but most are under 12 inches. Even know they are catching smaller bass there are some good size fish in this lake. Plenty of guys have been going up to Noxamixion doing very well on largemouth bass early in the day and late in the evening. Fishing the shallows with surface lures and plastic worms you can catch some largemouth bass up to 6 pounds. During the day hours the crappies and perch have been hitting along the shore lines and docks with small minnows, meal worms and twister tails. Most have been on the smaller side but there is a few bigger crappies being caught. Fairless Hills has been very quite the past few weeks. They are getting allot of small bluegills but the bass fishing has been off. Rohm Haas for largemouth bass has been good one day and off the next. Most of the guys fishing this lake have been throwing 7 to 10 inch power worms, rattle traps, senko worms and spinner baits. They are picking up most of the fish around the pads. One customers was up to Lake Galena doing very good on crappies, pickerel and largemouth bass. He was up last Saturday fishing around the dam with minnows, twister tails and rebel minnows. He had over 40 fish that day for the two of them.

Saltwater action has been very good for most guys. The hottest thing has been kingfish in the Wildwood up through Atlantic City, Margate and Ventnor. These guys have been fishing top and bottom rigs with small floats either with bloodworms, fish bites in bloodworm and also Berkley Gulp bloodworm. Now we have a good supply of the Fish Bites but have run out of the Berkeley's for this weekend. The bloodworms are in good supply again this week with some decent size worms. Sorry about last weeks worms being so small and us running out but I have decided that when the worms are going to be that small again we will just run out. I really hate to sell bait that small for that price. Bluefishing has been very good in the Belmawr area. Boats are doing both day and night chum trips. Fish up to 10 pounds are being caught in very good numbers. There are some blues on the beach in the north by Island State Park and Long Beach Island. A few in the southern part of jersey. Flounder is something that is being caught in very good numbers all up and down the coast. Squid and minnows have been one of the best ways to catch these flat fish but some guys are doing very good with bucktails tipped with squid or strip mackerel. Most of the fish are under 16 inches but the action has been very good. We have heard of 20 to 30 to 1 catch keeper ratio. There are some bigger fish being taken off shore but then the numbers drop off. The old ground in the Delaware Bay are holding some good size flounder but here you have to deal with heavy lead and losing allot of tackle. There are still some Drumfish still in the Delaware Bay and I think some of the biggest fish of the season were picked up this past week. I heard and note HEARD of a fish over 100 pounds taken this past week on clams. And several other fish 50 to 70 pounds. I know they are still picking up some stripers but there has been nobody talking about it for me to tell you where and what they are hitting on. The guys that are still heading north to Massachusetts are doing very well on big porgies. And it has not been hard to catch your limit of 60 fish. Also allot of guys have been heading down to the Chesapeake doing very well on smaller porgies, croakers and spots. Here they have been using mostly bloodworms but they are starting to buy allot of the Fish Bites in bloodworm.

Well have a great weekend. Make sure you take it easy in the heat that is coming for this weekend. Lets hope it help out the fishing. Good luck.



Philadelphia Bassbusters had a tournament at Manasquan NJ.Fishing was tough as the wind made it hard to fish the wood.My batteries were drained when I came in from fighting the wind all day.A couple of bass over 3 lbs. came in.Most fish were caught on Brinkman's minnows,shiners, and senkos.Al Kirk was 1st anchored by his 5.89 lb. striper hybrid.Mike Franco was 2nd including the only other striper hybrid at 6.22 lbs.Bill Etzel was 3rd with a few nice bass.It was his 2nd tournament back with the club and he showed he still has it.For info on our club,go to Brinkman's link page. Joe Dydak has setup a really nice site with easy access to all the pages. Check it out

Out on monday fsihing arond the tadonly bridge we did very well with bloodworms , herring, mackerel and clams. We were fishing the bottom on both the new jersey and philadelphia side picking up stripers and catfish all day long. The eels were a pain the the ass but the other fish kept us interested. We caught 25 stripers up to 18 inches and catfish up to 12 pounds. Most of the fish were helo up in less than 20 feet of water and were htting better on the dropping tide. Quinn

Bill wanted to let u know about your favorite spot. I went up to john's last saturday and was taken up to clemson island. We were in the water by 8 in themorning and did not catch our first fish till 11. We hit the power lines before things started to pick up. In this section we caught 5 fish all along the islands. Then it went dead again intill we rounded the bend and saw the bridge. In these drop off we were able to catch another 9 fish and did have one fish 16 1/2 inches. By the end of the day we had less than 20 fish with only the one big fish. So on Sunday we went up the Junitia. What a mistsake that was. We put our boat in two different spots and fished for about 6 hours only to catch 2 smallmouth bass both under 8 inhes. This water was so low and clear I don't think the fish were around. So we ended the day early and came home. We caught every fish on minnows. I can't tell you how many casts we made with rebel crayfish, zoom grubs, rapalas and tubes. But not even a bump. Think I will try the Delaware next week. It may not be any better but it will be allot closer to home. Pete

Fishlanders Fishing Derby
Saturday June 25, 2005
Whale Beach, Strathmere New Jersey
$20.00 per angler plus a dollar for insurance
Prizes 1st place 30 % of Entree 2nd place 20 % of Entree
Information call George Foreman 609-228-3725


July 16, 2005
Pre entry Free 65.00 / 70.00 cash day of tournament
10.00 Lunker Free Per Boat 100 % pay out of 50 % Largemouth 50 % Smallmouth
Boat Check / Registration 4:00 - 5:30 am Launch time 6:00 am
Weigh in 2:00 pm
Pay Top 5 Places
Cantact or sent check to Bucks county bass chasers, Jon Zeigler 787 Roger Road Warminster PA 18974

2005 Jersey Shore Cassic
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