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Friday June 17, 2005

Well for myself no report this week. Had the pleasure of working all week. But Bruce was up state this week but did not do that much fishing. He did hit Duck Harbor one night and only picked up a few small pickerel and bass. He did fish a few farm ponds doing very well on largemouth bass fishing a Zoom grub. But most of the week for him was very hot and also had several storms that keep him close to home.

Around here the lower river was very good this past week. Ray did very good both days he was out using bloodworms, herring and mackerel. He picked up fish all day in several different spots. He did say he had anything big but the action was good. Plenty of small stripers, catfish and white perch. Another customer was down fishing off Princeton Avenue with bloodworms and herring catching 12 stripers 12 to 14 inches and 3 bigger catfish. He said they were around 5 pounds. A few guys fishing up at Trenton this past week saying the herring have completely gone. But they are catching white perch and using them live for stripers. They are picking up a few fish from 20 to 24 inches but the big boys have seemed to left the area. They also fished some chunk herring and picked up plenty of smaller stripers and catfish. And guys fishing the upper river for smallmouth bass are saying there are more stripers to catch than smallies. Lots of guys have come back from Treasure Island, Frenchtown, Yardley and New Hope sections of the river saying that the smallmouth bass fishing has been very slow only picking up a few fish per fisherman. But most are catching 10 to 20 stripers a trip on minnows, worms and grubs. Paul was up at the Water Gap last weekend saying that there were plenty of shad swimming around the river but he was not able to catch any. I know how he feels after last week having the same problem. One other customer was up to Narrowsburg and picked up a few walleyes, smallmouth bass and even a musky. He was up during the early part of the week and was fishing at night and very early in the morning. The musky was just 30 inches and was picked up on a spinner bait. The walleyes were hitting nightcrawlers tipped on a jig. And the smallies were mostly picked up on minnows.

Several guys coming back from the Susquehanna river all with poor reports. One customer was in the Harrisburg area wading last weekend not catching a fish all day. I had another guys tell me that he was in the same area wading on Friday a week ago only picking up three smallmouth bass 14 inch range and one catfish. He was drifting minnows. He said all the fish were picked up just before dark. A few other guys were up river around the Junitia all having the same luck. A couple of guys did the drift last weekend only picking up 10 fish for two guys. The picked up all there fish on minnows and all were 12 to 15 inches. Another guys was up fishing the Clemson Island area and caught 9 fish all on surface lures early on Sunday morning. Other smallmouth spots have been the Schuylkill river above the Fairmont Dam. This river has been fair with several smallmouth bass in the 8 to 12 inch range. But here they are also catching allot of rock bass, bluegills, catfish and even some walleyes. Minnows and worms are what most guys are using. The Perkomion has been one of the better places to head. Guys are fishing this stream all up and down. One customer was in the prison area picking up 28 fish himself up to 15 inches. All his fish were picked up on minnows in the deeper holes. Another customer fished around the Skippack Creek picking up plenty of smallmouth bass and rock bass on minnows and small grubs. The upper Neshaminy has also been good for smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegills and even some trout. Fishing from Doyletown down stream with minnows, worms, small crankbaits, spinners and grubs has been the best.

The saltwater action has really picked up. Now the water temperature is still below what it should be but it has come up in the past week. Everyone I have talked to is doing very well on flounder all up and down the coast but the catch to keep ratio has not been very good. I have heard of catches of 30 fish to 1 keeper. That is allot of work for a couple of fillets. The stripers are still hitting pretty good in the Delaware Bay, Raitian Bay and most of the rivers and inlets. Nothing really big but some good size 20 pound fish are still around. Fresh or live bunker has been one of the best baits but clams, herring, bucktails, shad bodies and metal is what has been working. There are still several guys doing very well on Drumfish in the Delaware Bay. These guys have been fishing at night mostly using clams. Cape May, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Ventnor and Margate the kingfishing has been really hot. Using bloodworms and the Fish Bites in bloody worm the kingfish have been caught in good numbers. This new product has been selling like crazy since the water temperature got above 65 degrees. And everyone is catching fish on them. There are still allot of bluefish in the back bays and also out front. These toothy critters have been running for 3 to 10 pounds and have been hitting pretty much anything you want to throw to them.

A few lake in the area are still been pretty good. Rohm Haas for largemouth bass in the pads has been pretty good using large plastic worms and lizards. The few guys that have been fishing up here have been doing their best early in the morning and are fishing right in or just outside the pads. Most are taking 10 inch power worms and 7 inch Zoom lizards. Churchville the small panfish are still hitting well under the bridge but from what I hear the fish seem to be getting even smaller if that is possible. Small minnow, mealworms, wax worms and small grubs and tubes has been the best here. The shopping center lake has been good for catfish, crappies and bass. Most guys are using minnows and worms but some fish are being picked up on smaller twister tails and spinners. A few guys are fishing some of the quarries up in Tullytown catching some good size bass and pickerel on minnows. These deeper water fish are not easy to catch but several guys that fish these waters have been doing very well the past week. Please don't ask where these waters are because most guys won't tell you their favorite hidden spots. Union lake this past week has been very good for pickerel, crappies and largemouth bass. Several guys have been down to this lake all doing very well. I weighed in a 2.7 pound crappie picked up off the dam on Monday. A couple of guys came back from Marsh Creek having a good day on bigger smallmouth bass. They were fishing the deeper holes with pig and jigs picking up 14 fish up to 4 pounds. They also caught some good size yellow perch and crappies on small minnows under a bobber. Several guys are still fishing Roosevelt Park catching allot of smaller panfish and some largemouth bass. The have been using allot of minnows and worms but some guys are throwing smaller spinner baits, plastic worms and spinners. Grubs and tubes also work very well on this lake.

Still some trout fishing being done in the upper Pennypack. In the Pine Road area the trout have turned more to flies. Several guys are fishing this section of the creek with bead head, cone head wooly buggers and larger nymphs catching plenty of fish. Now trout is not the only thing they are catching. Some smallmouth bass, bluegill and rock bass are hitting these same flies. Some guys have been fishing the lower section from Bustleton Avenue down to Welsh Road still catching some trout but not the amounts they are getting above. Mealworms, earthworms, power baits and corn have been the best baits to use in this section of the creek. A few guys are still heading out to the Wissahickon still catching some good numbers of trout. The same baits and flies have been working the same in this creek. Core Creek has seemed to have died this past week. I talked to several guys that have been fishing this lake all saying even the smaller perch have stopped biting. And Levittown Lake for trout has dropped off but they are still picking up a few fish early in the day and late in the evenings. But during the day they are still getting some bass and bluegills.

Well that is all I have this week. Good luck and enjoy this nice cool weather that is here for the weekend.



Philadelphia Bassbusters had a kids fishing contest at the ponds at Linden Ave. on the same day as the Big cat shootout.We had 10 kids fishing and most everybody caught something.We put almost 200 cats in from the last 2 tournaments.It is supposed to be catch and release fishing for kids only there.Only 12 cats were caught with little sign of more.They must be taken by somebody.The Wilson kids caught 11 of the 12.Sarah Wilson was 1st,Sam Wilson was 2nd,and Dan Wilson was 3rd.One of the kids caught 28 sunnies,Olivia Jwanier caught a small carp,and several turtles were caught also.

Bill, Hit the upper river at Bull's Island and only had a fair day on smallies. I did much better on smaller stripers. We used minnows leeches and nightcrawlers. We picked up 12 smallmouth bass and 32 stripers and 7 catfish. Nothing big but all good fighting fish. I tried a bunch of different lures but only the bait was workin.

Ok Bill here's a report. I heard the big bunker was off the beach of IBSP so this Thursday I took a shot. What with the cold water and warm air the fog was thick off the Barnegat inlet but I have a good gps and with hardly any boat traffic I turned left at the monument and the fog lifted some as I got away from the inlet.
( inlet water 69, Off the beach 51.7) 3 miles north in 15 ft. of water I found the Bunker and looking around I found some fish under them. Drifting live Bunker I boated 2 bass. The one I kept weighted 47/ 12. Turning the second loose( a twin of the first, I have pics) was a bigger thrill than landing the first.
The big brother wanted in on this so with little coaxing we went back today. No fog, but there was more of a "sea", (15-20 out of the south). 4 fish boated, 35 and 34 and two 32. This is where memories come from.
Anyone giving this a try should look for bait with fish beneath. If you don't mark fish keep looking.

HI, BILL we did a float trip on Sun 6/6 the first hot day of the year it was 90 degrees . We put in at Bull Island State Park,the ramp is still closed due to the floods , we floated down to Virginia Forest Recreational Area and we had a great day, we caught some walleye and some smallies not a lot but enough to make it a great day.We saw a swing set about 40 feet up in a tree and a couple of lawn chairs just as high, I dont know how the fish survive the power of this river ,I am just glad they survive year after year.I sent some pics of the fish . SMITTY

Ronnie here. wanted to let you know about Lamuire park. I was up there the other day fishing with meal worms catching all the trout and bluegill you could ever want to catch. I used three boxes of mealworms which means I caught at least 90 fish. I had several wroms that I caught several fish on but did get robbed a few time. Great time. Ronnie.

Philadelphia Bassbusters had a tournament fishing out of Linden Ave.Mostly catfish were weighed in.We put about 150 cats in the ponds for the kids to catch.Dave Jwanier came in 1st,Martin Trani was 2nd,and Tom Krause was 3rd. 6/11 we will have our kids contest at the ponds at Linden Ave.Next tournament is at Manasquan NJ.A good bass lake with striper hybrids also.Anybody wanting info on our club can reach us through Brinkman's link page or email me at [email protected]
Fishlanders Fishing Derby

Saturday June 25, 2005
Whale Beach, Strathmere New Jersey
$20.00 per angler plus a dollar for insurance
Prizes 1st place 30 % of Entree 2nd place 20 % of Entree
Information call George Foreman 609-228-3725


July 16, 2005
Pre entry Free 65.00 / 70.00 cash day of tournament
10.00 Lunker Free Per Boat 100 % pay out of 50 % Largemouth 50 % Smallmouth
Boat Check / Registration 4:00 - 5:30 am Launch time 6:00 am
Weigh in 2:00 pm
Pay Top 5 Places
Cantact or sent check to Bucks county bass chasers, Jon Zeigler 787 Roger Road Warminster PA 18974

2005 Jersey Shore Cassic
Contact the D B C C at :
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