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Default Re: Bakersfield Aqueduct

Hello csubmatt,
Welcome aboard!
There are a lot of people that fish the aqueduct out in Bakersfield.
I have a website that might help you check it out. Just click on the blue underline aqueductfishing below my name.
Dodoman and a few others here that also fish the aqueduct. It has changed a lot due to water not running as much as it was and now they are cutting back on the water flow 10% more this year. Why? cause of the small smelt fish that are protected, also lack of water. I fish the aqueduct here in Palmdale. I have used the Shad L-Rattle Traps 3/4 oz and the Shad Storm baits at wal-mart. Late at night has been doing good here after 10:55 pm so far, that will change too. The fish are getting use to water not flowing as much and the cold weather. Good luck out there and Happy New Year to you and yours.
Striper Bill
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