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Default Bakersfield Aqueduct

Hi All, this is my first post on this site. I would like to say hello. I am new to fishing the aqueduct, and I have caught a few stripers (very few), but I would like to hopefully start catching more. So I wanted to start this thread for people that fish the Aqueduct in the Bakersfield and surrounding areas to share tips, reports, and other info so maybe we can all start cathing a few more. I'll start with the last day I was out at the duct on Friday (1/2/08) at the gates across from the golf course near Taft the water was not moving I didn't get a bite however a few people around me caught some on anchovies. I was using chicken liver but no bites, and I also had a lipless crank bait (American shad pattern) that has worked in the past but no takers that day. Anyone have any advise? I'm getting kind of burned out at this spot at the duct and I wanted to know if here was anywhere else in or around Bakersfield I could try? Thanks.
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