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Default Heading to the expo today & 1st timber boat story

I'm heading out to the Striper Expo today with my son. I hopefully will pick up a little bit of gear and sit it on a seminar or two.

Did anyone head out there yesterday ?

I think I'm going to the RISAA show Friday night for the fluke seminar and then again on Saturday for a few seminar and more gear

Funny thing happened yesterday, I think I'm one of those guys everyone jokes about at the ramps lol.. The boat dealer asked that I bring my boat in so he can get it all preped for the water and he asked that I fill it up with gas. 1st off my driveway is very narrow and my street is the typical historic town with narrow streets like Newport RI. I managed to get it out of the driveway and when I got to the gas station it took me a few tries to get the trailer straight at the pump. I then filled the boat up for the 1st time thinking it would shut off when full, all of a sudden gas came out the vent... :x I couldn't believe it, luckily it wasn't to much.

I'm putting spreader lights on the ttop and the dealer said the cost to run the wires down the support tubes could get expensive depending on the trouble they have fishing the wires through. I told them as long as they did a nice neat job I didn't mind them running the wires along the support poles

anyway off to the expo with my son....
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