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Default Re: penn senator 113

Ok first we need to be clear about the question.
Its meters per mm so its 475 yards of 30 # mono.
(435 meters is 475 yards)
Lets assume you plan to use 50 pound mono.
[Berkely big game 50 pound braid (.55mm) is equivalent to 12 pound mono.]

A little math is necessary here.

Using the capacity of the senator-113 at 475 yards for 30 pound mono.
50 pound mono [using your numbers (reasonable)] -- .70 vs .55
The difference in diameter is .15mm.
So if you multiply .15mm x 475 yard you get 71.25 yards.
Subtract the 71.25 yards from the 475 yards and you get your answer.
Seems reasonable.
403.75 yards.

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