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Default Help With Rigging plastic shads

Searched the forums but couldnt find anything on rigging swim shads...only info on rigging other types of soft plastics.....anyways......

whats the best way to rig a 6 inch swimtail shad using a 1 ounce jighead.....I could buy the pre rigged ones but i dont like the colors they offer....i just like the basic white with a black back and couldnt find them pre rigged.....I know theres no exact science but does anybody have any suggestions on how to rig it/ where should I cut the head off the far should i run the hook in? I rigged some up last night and it was extremely hard to get them right...the hook would always come up short or be too far in scrunching up the plastic...and when fishing them today they seemed to swim sideways...

Im sure evryone knows what the plastic looks like but heres a pic of the jigheads (the ones i used were bigger though....1 oz.)
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