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Default Re: Durable breathable waders

Hi Grega
Your paying for a quality product with Simms and the name.

Many of the Yakers use breathables with a dry top and layers.
Some use wet suits in the cold.
I mainly surf fish the beach and some rocky outcrops.
I have korkers that have both the rubber and felt changeable soles but
they hurt my ankles so I use Hodgemans $25 felt sole specials.
When they're toast I toss them and get another.
I save the korkers for the nasty slimy rocks.
I went with Hodgemans Wade light breathables.
They are comfortable and lightweight and didnt kill my pocket.
So far so good.
Its the stocking foot for me. There are litterally dozens of brands of
wading shoes from 25 bucks to 200 +.
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