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Originally Posted by striperjim View Post
Check out the plug making tutorial forum below this one. There is a tutorial on a christmas carving that will show you how to hand carve a jointed lure. It can take years to master the art of proper weighting.
I attempted the hand carved jointed one but i was too embarassed to show the final picture. Alternately pick up some plug building kits from the guys at - or cape cod tackle or saltybugger. This will provide some teaching through learning the assembly of the various parts.
Read all of Roccus' tutorials to get a feel.
Not that he's the only builder here, but he has shared his valuable time and vast wealth of knowledge and experience with his tutorials.
They are a must read. Some searching can bring you some more info on lipless swimmers and weighting as well.
Originally Posted by Jackbass View Post
Roc's tutorial got me on my way to building my own. Just be careful it turns into a major addiction fed with imagination and hard work the sky can be your limit. Lipless swimmers and darters can be th most difficult plugs to make on your own just because they need to be almost perfect to swim right. That Being said have fun with it and don't get discouraged. There is no greater feeling than having a fish take an offering you made yourself.

im not a noob at building plugs...just the lip less ones...i dont get how they swim.

heres one im working on perfecting at the moment but it has a clear lip. i want to make somthing more real looking...

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