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Default Tuna on Spinning Gear

I'm heading out on my second tuna trip on the 24th. The plan that the captain has is to use peanut bunker to get the tuna to school up around the boat. We are going to be using 30 and 50 class stand up gear, and live line peanuts and chuncks out. I wanted to know how feasible it would be to try for one on spinning gear and a top water lure? I love it when big bass and blues hit the top waters and think it would be a sight as well as one hell of a fight with a tuna 50+# on spinning gear. I was planning on using my penn 560 with 100# pp. and a long fluro leader. I think I might have to buy a new rod for this and the g-loomis pro blues look pretty good. If any one has any Ideas please let me know.
thanks in advance.
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