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Default Gillnet poachers caught maryland

26 Jan 2005
Rockfish violators caught ? The Maryland Natural Resources Police recently apprehended three watermen for illegally harvesting striped bass (rockfish) in the Chesapeake Bay near Swan Point, on the Eastern Shore north of the Bay Bridges.
David L. Haas, 46, William A. Beck, 39, and David L. Haas Jr., 26, all from Rock Hall, were issued citations for violating the commercial gill net restrictions with an anchored gill net to harvest striped bass. They also were charged with fishing for rockfish with a gill net during restricted times and days. In addition, they were charged with failure to mark a gill net properly when fishing for striped bass and were found to possess striped bass less than 18 inches long, which is another violation.
Two gill nets, a mud anchor and 305 pounds of rockfish were seized as evidence. All of the charges carry a maximum fine of $500 for first time offenders. In addition, if found guilty, a person could be fined $1,500 a fish for a first offense and $2,500 a fish plus revocation of a fishing license for one to two years for a second offense.
Fourteen other illegally set gill nets were seized by the NRP in the Rock Hall area of the Chesapeake Bay. These nets are still under investigation.
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