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Default Re: Surfcasting Clubs

Stripercoast Surfcasters Club was founded in 2008, and is a registered 501(c7) non-profit organization geared toward uniting dedicated striped bass surfcasters on the eastern seaboard, and helping to provide a united voice on their behalf on issues such as the conservation of striped bass, protection of forage fish, and coastal access rights.

While many surfcasting clubs have local focus, Stripercoast Surfcasters Club is a coast-wide organization. We encourage our members to support and stay active in their local surfcasting clubs, bringing local issues to our attention so that we can all work together with a unified voice for the betterment of the fishery and the sport we love.

Stripercoast Surfcasters Club has a strong focus on coast-wide conservation, and is working to make striped bass a game fish on the east coast (eliminating commercial harvest) while at the same time dramatically reducing impact on the fishery from the recreational sector. This will only be accomplished if we work together to represent these goals to the ASMFC and other fisheries management groups, and get them to more conservatively define target mortality and threshold levels so that elimination of the commercial harvest does not simply result in reallocation. While we're not against a guy keeping an occasional fish to feed his family, we do encourage Catch & Release fishing, and strive to educate our fellow recreational fishermen on the conservation measures need to prevent another collapse of the fishery like we saw in the 1980s.

We have a long way to go toward these goals, but we strongly believe that a unified front is a strong front when it comes to fighting for our rights as stewards of the resource and making our voices heard on issues that affect us all. For more information about the club, please check out our website

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Jacob Freeman
National Chapter President
Stripercoast Surfcasters Club
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