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Sudsy, that's quite a supply of rods!

Well basically the WHERE is as I had said:

I live down near Philly in Mount Laurel, and will be traveling to either the shore (Belmar/Point Pleasant areas) via 295 to 195 OR fishing the Delaware out by Trenton and Southward?
WHERE: Primarily fishing the central NJ shore/surf/jetties and dabbing in the Delaware from the shores.

WHAT: Primary species is stripers with some weakies mixed in.

WHEN: Timeframe will be spring and summer, as I am otherwise occupied during most of the fall and winter.

HOW: I anticipate mostly plugging, I like doing that and covering alot of water. But I'd like a bait rod/reel for those times when I just want to go toss clams or other baits, and maybe spike them while I toss a plug near by. Spinning rod/reel for each plugging and bait fishing are my preference.

As I said, I'm not looking for the perfect rod/reel setups for all situations, but one that will do the job in most. I'm beginning the stages of my striper quest, you are a seasoned veteran that is long into the quest...and have the gear to suit all the situations. Perhaps striper fishing just isn't that flexible, you need specific gear for specific times of the year and specific places. But I would think there is a happy middle ground where I can find a suitable plugging spinning rod/reel and suitable bait fishing spinning rod/reel that will get me in the game and not have me wasting time throwing too short and not reaching the fish...that is really my biggest concern. (i.e. I don't want to buy a 9 footer, when I'll need a 10 or 11 footer to really get to the fish. Likewise I don't want to buy an 11 footer and have it be overkill for the purpose or impossible to toss plugs with).

Anyway, thanks again for getting back to me with more info, I appreciate the responses.
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