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Hey bait.........

Clambellies are so inexpensive here in Rhode Island that i usually take a couple of gallons up the beach with me.....and 90% of the time, i throw about a gallon into the sea. I always wondered how much Havoc went on after i left, i mean between the seagulls and the huge ball of clams floating around, maybe i should hang out for an hour and fish hahaha.

In any case....Clambellies are "Window" only have a small window to use them when they're fresh. first of all....if you throw a Clambellie in water and it floats...its gone bad and no good to use. Freezing them only works when you get them fresh, freeze them in a Brine solution, and slow thaw them in the fridge for about a day. I'd say that you have a good 6-9 hours when they're fresh, to fish them when they're good. after that they start to completely lose their consistency, and are a bitch to keep on the hook through the cast. The best Belly will be hard at the meat and still have the gooey stuff to weave and tease. I've had to use the "Mush" a whole bunch of times, if their still ok, they still work. You CANNOT "refreeze clambellies.

I can get Clambellies here in rhode island for $5 for 5 gallons. then i bring them home and split them into "one trip" bags or containers. use one fresh one and freeze the rest.

hope this helps a little my friend.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

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