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Default Re: Police Shooting - Recommend watching

wtf is a video of a cop shooting a perp have anything to do with fishing
To answer the question Nothing but
This forum actually say music videos and miscellaneous.
Your entitled to your opinion I really just mistakenly thought that you figured i was showcasing a video of some guy being murdered by the police and that was your disgust about it.
You would be surprized how many guys have opinions with out actually reading the data or the facts before hand and start chirping. My mistake No harm no foul.
You really dont have to enter the music video forum if its objectionable. . just stay clear of it. free speech and all. Not hate stuff there. i mistakenly figured you didnt take the time to read the post just watched the video and reacted . My bad.
Whatever But!!!
You can always build your own web site and do whatever you want. I have no problem with that. or go to one of a zillion others.
shit stirring actually increases interest believe it or not but we've always tried to stay clear of it. Dp didnt you send me a dear Jim email once and ask to delete your account because you moved on?
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