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Default fuel filter?

I have a 1996 Merc 150 efi outboard with 550 hours on it. This season I have probably used about 150 gallons of gas including 5 or so trips with constant running of the motor for 6+ hours at a time. today was no different with a trip from plymouth to the SW corner and back. luckily everything was fine. HOWEVER once I got home to flush the engine a problem occured. I put the "earmuffs" on the lower unit and started up the motor. about 2 minutes later I noticed the engine running less than 1000 rpm and then completely stalled. the motor turned over several more times and each time it shut down quicker than the last. And then it wouldn't start at all. (almost as if it had run out of gas) There is plenty of gas in the boat, a fully charged battery, and I can hear the starter motor working fine.
My fuel filter was changed at the end of last season. Knowing little about motors, my initial thought is a gunked up fuel filter. any thoughts?

I'm just glad this happened in my yard rather than 15 miles away from the boat ramp!
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