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Default Re: Favorite Plum island Plugs

Originally Posted by nkelley77 View Post
I have been fishing Plum island about a decade and I have always been a weight and bait fisherman. Due to a terrible year last year; I decided to upgrade my gear and strictly fish plugs and eels. Are there any recommendations for plugs for the river, beach front, jetty , reserve? I had success using a teaser tin rig. I was pulling in schoolies by the dozen the past two weeks with the occasional fat mack on the lip of the beach front. I am using a penn 706z paired with a st. croix mojo surf 9 ft rated 1-4 oz. I will be fishing at night mostly due to my work schedule if that has any consideration into my choice of lures. I have a two gibbs darters but I do not have confidence that they are swimming correctly.

Please any advice would be great.
Those Gibbs darters are good plugs...learn how to use them and you will have faith...

needle fish in both floating and sinking models work well... as do both weighted and non weighted sluggos... swimming plugs like danny's and bombers will serve you well...
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