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Default Re: Northern Aqueduct Fishing?

Nailed the big ones last night right before sunset . Fished off on of the bridges that let the creeks flow over the canal . Not even a bit off the cement creek. Then went to a spot with my brother that were referring to as the farm .Landed a 24 inch striper on a soft swim shad 3/4 ounce , it hit hard and ran with the current which made landing it hard with the gates 1/2 open on the delta mendota canal. Another 20 minutes later and the same soft bait nailed a huge catfish as soon as it hit the water. My brother tried to net it after ten minutes but missed. Fought it another 10 minutes with 10 lb line on the trout pole until it shook the hook. Great fight and i will try to get it again on monday before the weather turns again tuesday. I never saw the size but my brother said 4 foot when he compared it to the size of the net. Jaws is out there !!!
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