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Default Re: Knot Instruction.

Important knot tying tips.
A critical factor in obtaining proper knot strength is to maintain tight and even pressure while tying the knot.
Your finished knot coils should be tight and neat looking. If you have any overlays or funny looking coils, cut the line and start over, as these will drasticaly rduce the knot strength.
One of the secrets of a well formed knot is moisture which lubricates and will properly set the wraps for a stronger knot.
To increase your knot strength by as much as 20%, use any lubricant spray, liquid or hand and lure cleaner, or fish attracting oil. Anything but saliva as research has shown that this will decrease knot strength because it is a digestive enzyme.
With heavy monofilament use a rag or a glove to grip the standing part of the line, hold the tag end on the hook with a pair of plyers. Use a lubricant on the knot and pull steady until the knot is drawn up tight. With real heavy line you will not be able to tighten the knot properly by hand.

These super strong lines are three to four times stronger than monofilament of the same diameter. With less than 5% stretch [up to 30% with mono] sensitivity is drastically increased and you will be able to feel the instant a fish bites your lure or bait. Hook setting is virtually instantaneous even when jigging at greater depths.
Being much more abrasion resistent, they will last many times longer than mono. Most of the super braids float, absorb very little water and remain limp without any memory. Top water bass fishermen prefer them by a wide margin over mono. Fly fishermen like the fact that when they use super braid for backing they are able to keep the line out of the water while fighting fish.
The super braids are very slick and slip a lot more than mono and can knife down into the reel if not wound tightly onto the reel while spooling. Extensive testing by line manufacturers have shown an average of 25% loss of knot strenght. when tying knots with super braids it is of utmost importance that the wraps sit tightly together and your lines are not crossed. If they are notstart over.
Allow 4 or 5 more wraps than you normally would with mono When drawing up the knot use a rag or a glove to grip the standing part of the line, grip the tag end or hook with a pair of pliers and pull to set the knot. You will not be able to tighten the knot properly by hand. Leave tag ends at least a quarter inch long and use a sharp pair of scissors to trim tags. (fiskers work well)

From the Little red knot fishing book by Harry Nilsson
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