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Default Rod Building questions on Boat Rod

I have a 7" GBT841M Lamiglas blank that Im building for my Father in Law. And I know he prefers a coak grip over an EVA foam grip. I have purchased a CG-21 inch St Croix handle kit which is a cork handle.
But the butt of this rod is .844 (I think) and it looks like after I remove the cork needed in may be to thin to use for a boat rod grip. Does anyone have any suggestions on this, I have seen far more boat rods with the EVA grip than cork.
Im going to put Fuji SIC CONCEPT Boat Rod Guide Set HBSG8-20 which has 7 guides total. I would like suggestions on the where to put these 7 guides for a boat rod setup. I am new to building rods, and I have just recently started buying the pieces needed instead of the kits.

Thanks for your replys
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