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Originally Posted by zimno1
bait, learn that rig so;s you can teach it to me when you come down. roc, give him the crash course! that skipjack method would be way wrong to use before the bass season opens.
No problem Zim, Roc showed me how last year. Best live bait rig I've ever seen. I tied a bunch of em a couple weeks ago in preparation for the season.

Sadlsorz, yep. Use a baitrunner type reel or conventional with the clicker on. As your live bait takes off just give it enough line to swim freely. When you get a hit, let it run for a few seconds before engaging the main drag and letting one of the circle hooks set neatly in the corner of the mouth. I don't have one, but Roc uses lever drag reels with this rig so that he can smoothly increase the drag from freespool to fighting position.
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