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Striper fishing in the river is tough,early season is tougher and fishing from shore is the toughest in my opinion. I started from shore in the Croton area and have since moved up to a small center console. What I've heard from others/read on here/ personally experienced is that the fish will stack up in the southern portion of the river (yonkers to tarrytown area) early in the season while waiting for a good push of freshwater from either snowmelt or a heavy rain to spur them on their way upriver. People have caught them on plugs, worms and cut bait. If there are herring in the river I fish that over bloods and if bunker are there that over herring, I havent had too much success with plugs but havent really given them much effort because the water is cold and I personally think the fish are too lazy to hit one unless it is right in front of it. There are many parks from yonkers to peekskill that have fishing access, a little leg work with google maps will pay off if you try. There arent many bait shops in the area unfortunately, so call ahead and ask if they have fresh herring/bunker. My best success comes of the freshest bait I can get, but ive also had them hit on a herring chunk that sat in the outboard well all day in the sun.That being said you cant catch em if youre at home, good luck. BTW, there are guys on here that kill it further up river but down by me I consider a 5 fish day a great day of river fishing. Ive killed them down in Jbay, mill basin and the rockaways so if thats the kind of fishing youre expecting you will be disapointed.
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