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Default First Time Hudson Stripers From Shore

A combination of being too restless to wait the extra two weeks until April 15th in NYC/Long Island and wanting to check something new off the list has compelled me to want to go catch stripers in the Hudson this year. I am willing to put time in but am limited to weekends and would prefer not to have to make multiple trips over bridges. So I was wondering if anybody would be willing to give me some general advice to increase my chances of success during the early season.

Bait or plugs? If bait, I know worms and clams work best down by me in Jamaica Bay earlier in the season. Is that true in the Hudson as well?

Not looking to spot burn, but is there a general area to focus on? Also, how is shore access? Would I be able to explore random spots I might find or do I have to stick to parks or something? Are there any neighborhoods that don't allow street parking?

Anything else you can think of to help would be greatly appreciated!
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