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Default Re: 2012 Big "D" spring fishing reports(post here)

Fished the whole incoming today first 2 cast 2 cats. Had one pick up on the bait runner. Threw bucktails swimshads trolled stretch 25's jointed xshadrap nada so anchored up and managed 2 cats on dead sticks with bloodworms both on the high end of the high low rig. Did have one strong run on the bait runner with creek chub on it but was messing with my plug and by time I got to the rod fish stopped running and was gone. Waters were coco colored from all the wind temps were steady at 46 degrees. A decent amount of fish were marked on this trip most were suspended not much on the bottom prob due to all the silt but good numbers were marked all small fish but good signs. This weeks air temps should bump the river up to 50 by weeks end and Thts when it all begins. Bay is still steady 49-50. Anyday now we can expect fish to begin pushing up river spoke to Nj marine police on the water he said the gilnetters r reporting Stripers all over the bay right now so the push is about to begin.
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