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Default Casting lures... help the noob

Okay... so I'm sorta' a quasi-noob. I've been fishing since I was four years old, done both fresh and salt, all of my experience has been on jetties, peirs and bridges. Suddenly two weeks ago while I was fishing for flounder off a pier and dumb luck rears it's ugly head and I get tagged by a 30" striper. My world has changed! Now day in and day out I just wanna nail that next line-sider. So I've come to realize I need to foray into the realm of surf casting. I've been doin' plenty or readin' up and here's what I've got goin' on. Picked up a very entry level Okuma spinning combo. The rod is only 10' mainly because I am a little wary if someone of my height (5' 5") can control anything bigger. I've got it spooled with 17lb mono, with a 40lb mono shock leader. I've been chuckin' some bait into the water and now I'm moving onto lures. Now here's where my noobiness shines. Is casting the same with lures and bait? I've been working OTG and attempted the pendulum. Do these also work for lures? I've been chuckin' 4 oz leads with bait and most of the lures I read everyone recommending are just barely hittin' the 3 oz mark. Do I just need to practice my casts more or is there something I'm totally in the dark about. And oh yeah... I haven't caught another striper since the first.
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