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Default Gonna reserve a houseboat at Raystown lake

This will be my first trip to Raystown lake in Altoona Pennsylvania. Guys have told me The lake is one of the nicest places they have
ever fished or boated.
My plan is to rent a 58 foot house boat. sleeps 8, air conditioned, hot tub, shower, dining room, fridge, for 1700 bucks for 4 nights. or three weekend night. They start at 1100 for 6 sleeper.

They also have 7 campgrounds. Raystown has been stocked for years with pure stripers reaching 40 plus. Summer is slow unless you fish deep near the dam. but Ill try to make it late august early sept before my nephew and cousins kids go back to school.
The 7 pooints Marina is where Ill be renting the boat. If any one has been there or fished there let me know.

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