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Default BOSTON HARBOR & SOUTH SHORE- Stripers 7/17/04


Early in the week, the inner-harbor bays, both mornings and evenings, were as good as it gets for surface action targeting cruising stripers. The fishing all but shutdown by mid-week, with the passage of the low-pressure system and the accompanying easterly winds.
Another easterly is due Sunday night.

Ken Alexander of DeCoverly English Setter Kennels in PA and his son-in-law, Matt McCall from Manchester, NH had, what proved to be, the best morning of the summer season in the upper-reaches of the Boston?s inner-harbor on Monday. Ken is a frequent speaker/seminar presenter at Orvis Days and regional sportsmen?s shows, and Matt is a world traveling saltwater fisherman. From the get go at first light, the anglers cast to surface feeding bass on the ebbing tide. Pearl white slug-gos and Bassin? Assissin?s, Texas rigged on 5/0 off-set worm hooks, brought the best action on light-spinning gear. Gurglers and sliders were productive on the 9 wgt. T-3-fly rods. Before the feeding foray ended, 5 keepers to 34 inches came over the rails and were promptly released. A number of small bluefish and smaller bass to 26 inches were mixed in.

On the same tide, Monday evening, Matt Michalski of Boston and client friend from Sciuate, MA were picked up at Rowe?s Wharf and shuttled to the same area. It was D?j? vu, all over again. The wind made fly-casting, as well as sight-casting, to the bass on the surface difficult. Nevertheless, the surface presentations worked their magic, once again.
4 keeper bass to 32 inches, a few blues and numerous school bass were brought to the boat before darkness prompted the return to Rowe?s Wharf.

By week?s end, after the easterly, the fishing dropped off considerably. Thursday?s trip with Dan Sweeny and his wife from Methuen and Friday?s trip Mike Owsinski and his wife from Middle Village, NY were difficult to say the least. The bass we found and raised to the surface were fussy, and the fish were few and far between. We managed one small keeper, a few blues and school bass on Thursday. Friday?s trip was one of the slowest of the season. A few small blues in Boston and a few schoolie bass from the rocks off Minot?s on the return trip to Cohasset were about all we could muster up. However, on the last drift in Boston, out of nowhere, Mike hooked, what proved to be, our largest bass on the long-rod of the season. The fish took a large 4/0 chartreuse Half & Half fished on 400 gr. DepthCharge line. The 37 inch, 20 pound striper was quickly into the backing on the Vortex reel---the anti-reverse feature saved Mike?s knuckles. The numbers weren?t there, but the big one was! I?d rather be lucky than good.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters
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