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Default Re: Boston Harbor This

Cast from the surf in and around the north river mouth, fourth cliff area during the daytime tide. Used rubber shad, cast masta's, and umbrella jigs. Nothing. Of note, in the south river side, I had set up a sand spike with a big fat sea worm on a fish finder rig. I walked away thinking "no fish in here any way". when I came back, some guy who had been sitting there told me it all of a sudden just flopped over, then nothing. Guess I missed who ever it was knocking.

One would think that this place would be a bit of a hot spot, but I have never caught a thing other than skate . . . once. I mean two rivers: the south and north, converge right there! A river mouth that dumps right out into the mighty atlantic! Never ever caught a thing there. EVER! I still had fun. I just cant believe the place sucks that bad.
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