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Hi all, new to Striper fishing here, will give you some background. I live on the coast in Southern Maine, have a lot of experience with smallmouths and largemouths, mostly with spinners, poppers, frogs, etc. This is a very popular striper fishing area, I don't have a boat, and there are a lot of good bridges in intertidal zones that are hotspots for stripers here which people fish from constantly. What will I be looking to use in these spots baitwise? Like I said, never been striper fishing so the more info on my approach and tactics, the better. There are also some spots in a local marsh with good possibilities fror fishing from jettys and from land as well, so would my approach change here (cast and reel bait as opposed to cast and wait live bait)? I am looking to get out and start trying my hand this weekend. Will keep you updated on what's working for me. Thank you!
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