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Originally Posted by hunter12 View Post
I went to my favorite tackle store to get some 50#mono for a shock leader on my surf gear. 11' rod i use about 16' tied to my running line ,wrapped around the reel 3 times.
This is a shock leader. It's purpose is to absorb the "shock" of the initial cast as the spool of a conventional/baitcast reel spins up to speed for the cast. Using a shock leader enables you to use lighter main line for longer casting & more pack on your spool. But the lighter line may likely snap on the cast. I use Avet Raptor with 20# yellow spectra and 40# fluoro shock leader. I've never actually measured the length of my leader I simply tie and wind it on. But, like you several wraps around the reel. What weight line for shock leader (IMHO) has a lot to do with the weight of lure you're heaving and/or, exactlt how hard (far) you are attempting to wing that thing. The heaviest I cast is 1.5 ozs and a 40# leader is more than adequate for that. I've never had the need for a shock leader on a spinning reel as the line just spools off freely.

I recently ran across this knot on youtube and have been using it for my shock leader connection.

counterman tells me just to use 3'-4' of clear mono or clear floro carbon on my running line. Because i'm using Hi vis yellow line.I went with the floro carbon.Is this new set up considered a shock leader.I like his idea better because i can get rid of the long shock leader. what do you think.
That's simply a leader. Which is a great idea in hi-vis waters, especially with yellow braid. In darker, murky water many feel a fluoro/mono leader is unnecessary. I prefer grabbing ahold of mono over braid...
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