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Default Re: Shore Fishing Reports, Albany and Beyond

Originally Posted by Kirch View Post
Anybody still fishing the Albany area?
Yes , Finally got out today and enjoyed my First day in Weeks after Finally passing my college Finals .

Saw many people out , especially the ones who pulled up in front of me while I was fishing from shore below the 378 bridge,

It must be Embarrassing to have to Teach your son that it is "Proper Etiquette" to pull your $20,000 boat up in front of a Shore Fisherman , while having 2 miles of river in each direction to fish. I mean , I wish I had pics , I was casting beyond them as they were approaching the shoreline directly in front of me .

What a Joke , I mean , you could Plainly see me from 200 yrds. away !!

So, to the question .. there are Tons of Herring in the river Albany area ,

and as long as there are / is food they will stay , I'll be fishing it for the next two weeks Easy
Its almost impossible to remember how tragic a place the world is when one is fishing.
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