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Default My striper adventure or...I must be crazy...

I live in Ohio. Three weeks ago (I can only talk about it now) I set off on my own mini striper adventure. Left Sat at 6:00 am for Fairfield, CT to hook up w/ buddy Rick (w/ boat) to fish the LIS for a couple of days. Arrived at 2:00 pm and on the boat at 4:00...ahhhh...back in the salt hunting stripah. Got off the GD boat at 4:00 am...yes 12 hours later after an 8 hour drive...I'm 54 and way too old for this [email protected]!!! About 2 am we were soaking bunker chunks at the fingers in 50 feet of water...nothing and I mean nothing. Decided that was enough and started bringing the lines in. Whan I grabbed mine it didn't move (shimano 3500 w/ 30 lb. braid)..hauled hard and it ran about 10 feet. Worked it (didn't horse it) and it ran another 20 feet. Did my best to get it off the bottom so it wouldn't wrap such luck....after about 10 minutes....PING! Okay, probably some big ass skate...but to me, just maybe a big fat lazy cow (its good for my sanity).
Total take day one...5 yellow eyed bastard blues.
Day 2....out by 2 pm...snagged bunker (I should have been on a bunker trip) and had nothing to show but a couple of blues in 4 hours. I really hate to admit it here but at some point I put on a wire leader and the biggest shiniest plug in my bag and tried (sorry) to catch blues...sanity was truely slipping away quickly.
Total take day two...3 blues.
Enough of CT I'm heading south. Did some actual business for a couple of days and met up w/ another striper fanatic (w/ boat) in Ocean City, NJ. This guy knows how to fish...I'm pumped. He does most of his fishing off a wave runner in the inlets and sand bars...keeps a log of every know the type.
He doesn't want to go at night so we rise at 4 am and leave the dock at 5. We snag bunker (when's the next bunker tourny???) and fish the inlets where there are "plenty" of stripers...6 hours later.....nothing. Except for one lousy blue.
I had to be in Cape May by 2:00 pm to catch the ferry to Lewes, DE...meeting my wife there and spending some time on the beach w/ friends...I slept in my car the whole way.
My friends place is on the bay...actually, 20 feet from the bay. I'm looking out on the water and see bait fish breaking the surface all over the place. Hey, I've got my gear...buddy has a yak...lets go fishing!!! Out at 6 am next morning...just for yuks...all the sudden tap,tap,tap.......biggest damn crab I've ever seen. But I hooked that sob good!!!...had to slam it on the rocks (thats catch and release right???).
That night I got good and drunk.
Thats it...9 blue fish and 1 big ass crab...1,390 miles...needless to say the 8 hour ride back to Ohio w/ the wife was a bit chilly.
Tight lines to you all...I know you've been there,
ps...I'm heading to Maine in a couple of weeks for vaca...gonna hit the Kenne and Sheepscot hard...can't'll be like catching my very first striper all over again...I feel better already.
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