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Default Re: Bluefish in the bay

Roc's original blue fish recipe:

First procure one medium to large Boofish, then, bleed it and beat it to a pulp ( to tenderize) then ice it, upon arriving home,cut the Boofish in chunks and place in a large pot add a few diced carrots and potatoes, get you oldest and rattiest pair of swampers and add them to the pot, cover with water and simmer 8-10 hours, drain off liqud and serve the swampers with shots of tequilla, salt and lime!

Seriously, Bleed the fish as soon as you get it, place on ice imediatly, at the dock ( or home) fillet and skin the fish, loin out the lighter meat, throw away the dark strip unless the fish is pan frying size, cut the loined out pieces into large cubes and soak in marinade of lime juice( one lime), olive oil( 2 table spoons), fresh ground garlic ( 2 cloves) crushed black pepper( to taste), a pinch of salt, 1/4 cup of white wine, 1 table spoon of sugar and a teaspoon of soy sauce, only marinade for 1 hour tops, turn once, now place on a medium grill and cover the the cubes with poppy seeds and grill for about 15 minutes,do not over cook, do not turn... pretty dam tasty for a fish I despise... this recipee is great for any strong fish like blues or bass....
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