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Default HEY JIM,, maybe we need a sand skiff forum?

Anyways, SoCo has open season with permit after Sept. 15 (this year) many, but not all SoCo is open. Right now 2 1/2 (ish) miles of East Beach is open and probably parts of Block Island and other (really not sure on that part, best to check).
Permits are issued at Burlingame Headquarters from like 8:00 an til 2:30 pm (unless it's raining). Best to have all your "ducks in a row" though, because they check everything. Insp., Reg., insurance etc.

On the Maine thing, (again, I'm in the air on this--- ugh). Awaiting parts to show, confidence in the jeep, and of course, how the hell do I get there from here? Looking like 8 hrs. up, 8 hrs. back. Gonna need to "crash" somewhere at my age. Working on it. Think it wouldbe easier on me to do a 3 day (minimun) thing this time, which isn't really a problem in some ways,,,, but in others, couldbe.
I'm working on it.
Will I be able to hobble back and forth to the fish this time?
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