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Originally Posted by MasterBaiter View Post
I want one! that thing is sweet, nice ride. How much you pick it up for if you dont mind me askin? A buddy just bought a '02 wrangler, not bad, nothing special, that thing takes the cake tho, no comparison!
Well I feel Lady Luck finally smiled on me here.
Have all the receipts that include;
Engine rebuild 1500 miles ago with the tranny and transfer gone through at the same time.
Suspension and body lift less than 6 mos. old done professionally (not a backyard thing) 5 new tires and rims less than 500 miles. Original rims and tires with 3/4 tread left. Some chrome do-dads like new. And a $1200 stereo his wife gave him for Christmas (installed profesionally(?).
This was his "Prodject Toy" always in the heated garage.
The guy just got himself a brand new huge Dodge Ram. Said it was his new love affair(?) and needed the garage for his new toy ASAP!
"$5,000 and get it out of here NOW?"
Of course I said, "DONE!"
I've anouther $1200 coming in the mail. Rock Sliders, front & rear Bumpers, Seat covers, Side mirrors, 1 rain & 1 storage cover, and the stuff to "Rust Bullet" and Tough Coat the inside of the thing. Carpets are a no-no with me and the beach.

Does have a few issues though. Like the chrome tipped exhaust needs to go! Fog lights need to move and definately need rewireing. Rag top willbe replaced for winter. May remove some of the body lift,,, maybe.
Guess it's my "Toy Project" now. Wife is happy too, the Silverado is (mostly ) her's.
Funny, sneaking this into the yard was :boobs:,,,().
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