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First off ,welcome to the sight.

Fall is an interesting time of the year,it can be fast and furious or quite maddening.

I'll assume, that your looking to fish the surf, at night, eels,cut herring or mackerel, large swimming plugs with a soft plastic dropper or porkrind work well for both large and small day, soft plastics and tins,like hopkins, castmaster and deadly dicks as well as bucktail jigs work well....always have a surface plugs/pencil poppers handy, breaking fish are common and a popper worked into the fray will usualy draw a strike...

As for area, the cape beaches are vacated after labor dayyou will have to talk to the local tackel shop or read the lattest rteport to find the hot one, the canal, although hard to fish can be a fishemans dream.....
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