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Default striper noob needing input....please !!!

Hello all! First I would like to thank everyone on this site for imparting their wisdom, help, and expertise to others like myself who may be new to striper fishing. Its VERY refreshing to find a forum site nowadays where people are not being verbally abused for their questions and opinions.

I am in no way a noob when it comes to fishing as my typical fall is spent in upstate New York catching trophy salmon, steelhead, and browns from the rivers. But striper fishing is completely new to me and it seems that I have quite a bit to learn regarding tactics, tides, forage etc.

So on to my question; I realize the fall run is about to begin and I intend to make the Cape my hunting grounds as I am from Western Mass. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to point me in the general direction with regard to decent locations, no specifics, as i realize this is against the rules, but just some general advice as to where to start.

I was planning to start down in the Woods Hole area and work my way east along the south shore and learn as i go.

Good Idea?
Bad Idea?
Better ideas?

Any input to assist my learning curve would be greatly appreciated and if anyone is interested in salmon or steely info I would be happy to assist.

Thanx in advance and...Sorry for the marathon post.
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