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Slam a 10/0 Gami behind the croakers dorsal and send em out to find you a bass.

Within the next two or three weeks plugging should really start to heat up. Head down with your 9' to 10' rod and a bag of lures and work the bars and whitewater.

As for asking for spots, that's a question that's frowned upon and considered somewhat rude - ask how to find your own spots and you'll get all the information you need.

LBI is a difficult place to pinpoint spots anyway. The only stable spot down there is the inlet jetty which is very well know (and can be dangerous - wear Korkers). The sand along the beaches is always in a state of flux, the bar or cut that's hot this week won't even exist next week.

Go down at dead low tide and take a walk. Find the cuts and bars that look like they might be productive and have a go later when there's enough water to make them fishable. When you find a hot spot - gimme a call, I can be there in 45 minutes :)
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