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Default Re: Fishing south of CBB? Here's your warning.

I think your warning came across wrong. You said they didn't have a license at all, but you do need one, as far as I know, anywhere on the Delaware. Also, they didn't have life jackets. As soon as a boater goes on a dangerous river like the Delaware without basic safety equipment, most people will agree they deserve what they get.

The first time I went down that far, I made the mistake of not realizing I drifted into Delaware waters. I did have all proper safety equipment and then some, along with a fishing license. The cops that boarded my boat were evtremely nice and even complimented my boys for wearing life jackets by giving them coloring books. I couldn't say enough good things about the way they were with us.

I know not everyone's experience is going to be the same and every year there are new guys just lurking on here so I wanted to raise the point that you will need a de license and fin number if you go about a mile south of the bridge. If you do not have safety gear, your an @$$. Period. If something happens on the water you put others at risk when they are out looking to rescue you.
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