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Default Surfmaster 200 help

Ok y'all, I've got some questions for those of you who have experience with the PENN surfmaster series (or even the squidder or jigmaster series).

I have an old surfmaster 200 that my Pa'pa gave me years ago, it's given me alot good use on my 10' rod for throwing 1-3 oz weights and bait, just recently I decided to pair it up with a 12' 3-8oz Okuma Longitude rod, problem is since I've done this I seem to be having alot more backlashes.

I have the reel loaded with 20# bbg and 50# ande for the shocker tied with a Bimini to noname, I haven't noticed the knots going through the guides so I don't think that is the problem

I've just been throwing 3oz weights with it so far no power casts, just lobbing it.....I'm just SICK of the back lashing and birdsnests!!!

I've got the adjustment knob tightened down as tight as it will go by hand, I just don't know what the problem is, anyone have any suggestions?

All tips welcome! Tight lines, God bless!
Tight lines and God bless <>< <>< <><
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