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Originally Posted by Roccus View Post
hanging around a bait shop is not going to get you much of an education.. LEARN T0 READ A CHART.....if you think that learning to fish for stripers is as easy as talking to a bunch of people that know as much or as little as you do... maybe you better take up another hobby.... learning to consistantly cach bass is not something learned in a half hour B.S. sessions at a bait shop, or on a few week ends during the spring run... it is a commitment to a life style...committing to to a fish and to yourself to be the best that you can be... LAZY PEOPLE LEARN NOTHING... I've given more information in this thread than you will get from a full summer of hanging around a bait shop... I'm done talking and it's time for you to start paying attention...

And nix the thought of the jon boat.... it is not a whaler and never will be...I've alLready said in this thread what I fish out of.. PAY ATTENTIION..
thats a nice boat. i know what u mean. i need to go out and learn for myself. because it works for some guys on one weekend but another lure will be key the next.
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