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Default lake west point ga stripers

it looks as if maybe the majority of folks are fishing beaches in the nothern states. so im hoping to get a response or two from someone local. i just got into striper fishing with some success. now that the water is hot i hear that the fish has went deeper. they refer to the dam. now i have to admit i was put on the holes in early spring by a very nice fellow i met. he really knows what he is doing. and what is so funny, i was drivng by the spots all the time. so im wanting to find some of my own spots. im just not having any luck. i am using up so much fuel doing this. and i sounds like word of mouth is how most folks have found these holes. im trying the obvious tactic. look for the guide boats. i will tell you im addicted. ive caught more large mouth using live bait in these holes than i ever had in my life. just using live bait. anyway if anyone is local to the lagrange ga area give me a shout.
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