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Default Re: What do you guys think about 11ft+ Rods

Originally Posted by dpohlson View Post
Lot's of info out there, and here. He's right: it is not complicated, but it takes patience and getting set up right.
Yup yup,

Attach the reel seat first and then tape on the guides with masking tape. Put on the reel you'll be using on the rod then start casting and adjusting the guides until they're perfect. There's an art to that that we can talk about in a different thread.

The best casting rods are made to fit both you and a specific spinning reel spooled with either braid or mono - one or the other. Conventional reels are all pretty much the same from one to another casting wise and it doesn't matter whether it's braid or mono.

For your first 5 to 10 rods expect to spend more time adjusting the guides, especially the stripper (1rst) guide then doing the thread and epoxy work.

Pick up an old inexpensive glass rod and strip it down to the blank and rebuild it - make that your first project

If you decide to get into this we can take this entire conversation to the rod building forum.
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