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Default Re: Alabama stripe fishing?

Originally Posted by Striperlover View Post
We have really been tearing up the whites here in Guntersville the last few weeks. Fishing with a weighted spoon and pulling them through the schools of small shad that can be spotted by the fish hitting top water trying to feed.

Within the last 3 weeks I have caught a lot of nice whites ranging from 2 to 5lbs. A couple bigger but they were few and far between. But if you are looking for some that are fun to catch and good to eat, then you are in luck!

Crappie fishing has picked up a good bit too. I went last weekend and got my limit within about 3 hours. Some very nice slabs on that trip.
I bet some of those were small hybs or salts...wtg on the crappie, too!!

btw, were you using Foley spoons?
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