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There are a bunch of places to fish the duct around Bakersfield, and if you ask me, one of the worst places is across from the golf course. Yes, I said it. I realize a lot of big fish have been caught there, but an awful lot of fishing pressure too. A friend of mine has caught 4 stripers over 40 lbs from that area, but that was years ago.
Try the gates at Tupman and the gates off of Freborn road. Both sets are really close to the golf course. Lots of siphons from the golf course to the grapevine. Sometimes big fish are at the siphons. Try grates where the water is pulled from the aqueduct. Those grates house Tule Perch which come out to play at night and the big fish kinow it.
Most of all put in a lot of time and throw big lures, bucktail jigs and leave the bait at home. It will catch you lots of small fish, but not many big ones.
I would venture to say, I have fished the California aqueduct as much if not more than almost anyone in the last 10 years. There are big fish to be had, but it takes a lot of time and effort.
Good luck. BTW, my best year fishing the aqueduct yielded 55 fish over 10 lbs, lots of those over 20 lbs, so the fish are there.
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