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Default Lakes Region NH Fishing Report

I now this is a striper forum, but seeing as there isn't any freshwater area, I've decided to post this report, seeing as i know some of us freshwater fish too :D

At my lakehouse on Locke Lake, NH, just south of Lake Winnipsakee, I caught some nice sized perch, yellow and white, along with some huge bluegills and pumpkinseeds, A few nice crappies, a ton of nice hornpout, and a 4-lb largemouth bass (which is small for this lake) just this July 4th weekend. It was good time. I normally catch 4-5 lb largemouth bass on this lake, I once caught a 7-lb. too. There are also tons of pickeral and maybe some smallmouth bass in the lake too. Its not a big lake, almost 300 acres i think, and the deepest it gets is like 10 feet deep.

The weather was beautiful - Friday through Sunday - sunny all day and very warm. The water was also very warm, somewhere in the 70's. There was alot of boat traffic, seeing as it was July 4th weekend. Right about 8:30 PM, most of the boat traffic died down and the fish were feeding everywhere. Every cast a new fish. right about 9:15 or so, it became almost pitch black and thats when we started hornpout fishing. Just by putting a worm on, a sinker, casting it out and letting it sit, checking on the pole every 15 minutes, we were slaying them. And i can tell you there is nothing more fun than catching a hornpout on an ultralight pokle with 6lb test. What a blast!

Unfortunately, it is a private lake owned by the Locke Lake Colony Association, so you can only use the water if you live on or near the water. Our house is right on the water.
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