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Default May 2016 Success @ Assateague

Not much action on this board, so I thought maybe I'd start something.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the OSV zone, May 2, 2016, on Assateague Island National Seashore. I set up about 3pm, in time for the moon set, about 2 hours before high tide. About 10 minutes in, I was holding one rod and watching my other rig when DOINK! The other rod dips down and pops back up--Yes!

I set my rod into the spike and began heading over to the bite when the rod starts jumping and bows over hard. I run the last few steps as the reel screams and do a face plant in the sand, being clumsy in my waders (and super excited)! I pick up the rod as the fish is still running, tighten down and--AWYEAH--fish on!

Some head shakes and good weight, it comes to the top thrashing around as I work it in. Catch the wave onto the shore then and it's mine: 36 inches and 16.5 lbs of gorgeous rockfish! Sweet hookup in the corner of the mouth with the 8/0 circle hook, my first keeper in Maryland, on clams.

Just as the tide turned I had sand fleas/crab fish bites on the away rod and, again, it begins twitching. I hustle over, keeping my feet this time. There's no run but I can feel action on the other end so I tighten up the circle hook again and I'm hooked up. Solid weight, but no runs--it didn't struggle too much until it was at the surf line.

I was super pleased to pull up a 24" black drum! Two fine keepers, a red letter day in the Maryland surf--SWEET! My wife wouldn't kiss me when I got home because the side of my face was still crusty with sand from the face plant!

Also attached are some drawings of sand fleas from last summer--awesome critters, and apparently good to eat (have you seen the YouTube video?)

So cheers DelMarVa! Hope you guys post up your catches! I moved down from upstate NY last summer and the Hudson River community on Stripers247 is really active with a lot of good information. Catch 'em up!
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