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Default Rod Building Glossary

Rod Glossary

Articles on repair
As many of you have concluded by now, repair work is a labor of love. And I have found it a lonesome labor. I can find all sorts of builders with talents far beyond mine, that will readily engage in discussions about finishes, spine, handle shapes, guides, thread art, (I hate it) any subject pertaining to building a better and/or prettier rod. But as soon as I broach the subject of repair I'm looked at like I'm some sort of weirdo that should crawl back under the rock from whence I came. The conversation now changes from enthusiasm to boredom with a faint trace of hostility thrown in for good measure. And not surprisingly, it is from these very same talented artisans that some of the most pitifully inadequate attempts at repair have originated. We as rod builders are usually judged as a group. If one very excellent rod is known to have been constructed by a custom rod builder, the general public sees ALL custom rod builders as producing the same thing. If one botched up repair job is known to have been botched by a custom rod builder, then ALL custom rod builders botch repair jobs.

Repair is certainly not the most glamorous aspect of the custom rod builders' art, but it is becoming increasingly more in demand so it behooves us to recognize this fact and learn to do it correctly - or at least acceptably. ~ Ralph O'Quinn
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