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Default How to properly measure a striped bass

Im sure all of you have seen the aluminum fish rulers bent up on one side. this is so you can slide the fish up to the bent up end...squeeze the tail and read the length on the longest filament. I never ceases to amaze me how many people dont know how to properly measure a fish. Its all the more important with the new striper regulations.It can be costly. I reccomend using a piece of 1x6 four feet long. on one end attach a piece of 1x6..4''long @ 90 degrees. Screw it ..glue it will last quite awhile.Now you can either add some sort of ruller to the top of the 4' section or make the necessary marks to measure your fish. Again slide the fish up to the end with its mouth closed..squeeze the tail top to the longest measurement..ITS GOOD TO KNOW
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